About the "Old 300"

The name "Old Three Hundred" refers to the settlers who received land grants in Stephen F. Austin's first colony in Mexico.  Although not originally enthusiastic about the project, Austin continued the colonization activities after the death of his father, Moses Austin.  He traveled to San Antonio, where he met with the Spanish governor Antonio María Martínez. The governor acknowledged Stephen F. Austin as his father's successor, allowing the colonization activities to proceed.  

Austin agreed with Martínez to be responsible for all administrative tasks after he arranged for settlers to come to Texas in exchange for land; in payment for his services, Austin would collect 12½ cents an acre in compensation. Austin returned to New Orleans and sought willing colonists and by the end of the summer of 1824 most of the Old Three Hundred were settled in Texas.


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Our Mission

The objectives of our organization, the Descendants of Austin’s Old Three Hundred, are to keep alive for  this and succeeding generations the memories of the spirit, courage and character of the men and women belonging to Stephen Fuller Austin’s first colony, known as “THE OLD THREE HUNDRED”. We encourage and foster research, leading to preservation and publication of the history and records of this first group of Texians. We also assist in the preservation and protection of historic places and artifacts, including old cemeteries and other sites where Old Three Hundred colonists are buried.


We are proud to partner each year in the educational endeavors of the Texas State Historical Association. This includes students who participate in the “Texas History Day” individual historical papers and teachers who attend the colonial workshops of the “Encountering Texas History Conferences”.


Each year we meet in June, on the last Saturday of the month and again in October or November.