By unanimous vote of the Board, the application policies for membership were amended at our quarterly meeting, April 25, 2015. 

By unanimous vote of the Board, the applications were approved to be placed online on April 21, 2018.  Additionally, the Board has consented under the recommendation of our new Registrar, Charleen "Charlie" Mullenweg, that we adopt the protocol of other genealogy organizations allowing applications from descendants of members with established credentials to be required to only provide documentation tying their genealogy back to their credentialed family member.  This does NOT mean that genealogical proofs are allowed by citation from other organizations, i.e. DAR or DRT.  You must document your lineage for our records using unique proofs.

There will now be a non-refundable application fee of $15 to apply.

An additional refundable check or payment in the amount of  $35 is due with the submission of your paperwork to the registrar.  This payment will be converted to your first annual membership dues upon acceptance into membership by the registrar.

All inquiries should be addressed to Charleen "Charlie" Mullenweg, Registrar, at registrar@sfaold300.org.  

The applications below are fillable pdfs.  Additionally, the links to the right of the applications allow you to pay your application and submission fees online.

Thank you!

Application Forms pAYMENT IN sTORE

PLEASE NOTE:  The correct procedure is to complete online, then print out on LEGAL paper, sign, and submit to registrar.  This may be done by US Mail.  You may enclose a check or pay online at the links above.

Don't forget that the $15 and $35 fees must be submitted together.  Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you and yours as new members of "Texas Royalty".