Trebor Burt Morris, Jr.

Trebor Burt Morris, Jr.

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November 5, 1931 - October 4, 2016


Trebor Burt Morris, Jr.

November 5. 1931 - October 4, 2016

Trebor began life in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico where his father worked for a mining company. The family returned to Houston in March 1932, and he was baptized at Trinity Episcopal Church. His father decided to do some mining on his own and took the family to the Solitario, now part of Big Bend Ranch State Park. It was and is a desolate area and he remembers playing with the chickens. His sister, Margaret Morris Witbeck, was born while they lived there. He was able to visit the mine again in 2009.

That venture was not successful, so the family moved to East Texas and then back to Houston where his mother's family lived. He started school there, attending San Jacinto High School. During the summers, he and his best friend, B. G. Carbajal, worked as counselors at Lynnside Ranch in Junction. After graduation, Trebor went to Tarleton State College, majoring in Animal Husbandry. He transferred to Texas A &M as a junior.

Transfers, or 'frogs’, at A&M are freshman for a semester and he was on the award-winning Fish Drill Team as well as the Animal Judging Team. Realizing he was in the wrong major, he left school and enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Veterinary Service. In 1954, he married Betty Akin, and in 1955 he was sent to Germany. They lived in Bavaria for two years and then returned home and Trebor went back to A&M.

He and Betty welcomed a son, Robert Franklin, in 1951. When Trebor graduated, the family went to Dallas where he worked for the Borden Company. They moved to Richardson where daughter Catherine Ann was born in 1959. He then went to work for Campbell-Taggart Assoc. Bakers in research. In 1959, son, Mitchell Lee, was born. Trebor was very active in civic affairs and served as President of the Richardson Jaycees.

In 1974, the company sent Trebor to France to work with the Gervais-Danone Co. on bakery products for the European Market and, when that work was completed, Gervais-Danone wanted him to head the plant that would be built in northern France. The children who were now in the teens needed an English-speaking school, so Trebor worked in Lievin, France and was President- Directeur-Generale de Europate, SA. The family lived in Waterloo, Belgium and he came home on weekends.

In 1976, the family returned to the U.S., and Trebor worked on various projects for the company, including opening Cafe Brisas, a lovely Mexican restaurant on Lovers Lane in Dallas. By 1980, CT was sold and employees were to move to Minneapolis, so Trebor ''retired?" He and Betty moved to Kerrville and he began his career as a watercolor artist. In 1985, they built a home at Canyon Lake. Art was not a dependable career so Trebor went to work for Double B Foods in Weimar. He then returned to Kerrville as Health Supervisor until finally retiring in 2003. He continued with his art and was active at St. Francis by-the-Lake in the choir, as Eucharistic Minister, Junior Warden, and Men of St. Francis. He enjoyed researching family history and became President of the Siege of Bexar Descendants and a member of Stephen F. Austin's Old 300 Descendants.

When his memory failed and he could no longer live at home, the children found a good memory care facility for him in Dallas. The family visits regularly and best friend, B. G. Carbajal, is also there often. When he knew what was happening, he was peaceful in planning for the end of his life knowing he would continue to be in the hands of God.